Private Lessons

If you are interested in taking a private lesson either in person or via Skype, please send an email to Adam is a professor jazz saxophone, music business and jazz pedagaogy at UMKC Conservatory, has substitue taught at The Manhattan School of Music and New York University and has presented masterclasses at numerous high schools and colleges in the US and abroad. 

Adam currently teaches students via Skype in all over the world. 

Lesson topics include improvisation for any instrument, composition, theory and much more.

Customizable lesson schedule and content available for each student. 

 “Adam is very dedicated to his students and always has something new to teach. His innovation and creativity is shown through his playing and style of teaching. I always feel comfortable asking him questions about life on the bandstand and life outside of music. I am very fortunate to know him as not only an amazing teacher but a great friend.” – Saxophonist, Ben Hogg, UNT

 “Adam's style of teaching is very open and informative. Not only does he make sure that I have the skills I need, but he's also very willing to speak on any ideas, issues or questions I may have, which is something that has been very helpful to my musical growth. His musical knowledge is vast and is a great teacher for any type of student at any level.” – Guitarist, Matt Sewell, Berklee

"Taking lessons with Adam has not only pushed me musically, but he has challenged me with life lessons and music business concepts that I will keep with me the rest of my life. It is incredibly helpful as a young musician to have mentors who can relate to you and provide advice in all aspects of music, and Adam has been a huge mentor and role model for me." – Bassist, Nathan Pence, Temple