"The tenor saxophonist Adam Larson is the sort of jazz musician who gets flagged early on as a promising talent and then hustles to meet every requirement for success. At 25, he’s still forming his identity as an artist, but his third album, “Selective Amnesia” (Inner Circle), suggests that he’s closing in on something perceptive and streamlined. He has a fine rhythm section, with Fabian Almazan on piano, Matthew Stevens on guitar, Matt Penman on bass and Jimmy Macbride on drums. And his compositions are thoughtful, with ample breathing room for any soloists. (They reciprocate with excellent work, especially Mr. Stevens on an anthemic ballad called “Gratitude.”) Mr. Larson’s own improvisations tend to be articulate and brisk, darting up and down his range. This album is a good marker for him, a sign of how far he has come and a new standard for him to beat."- Nate Chinen, New York Times

“Adam Larson’s fourth CD is a wonderfully cohesive set….The well-crafted compositions, beautifully burnished tone and startling command of the instrument mark this 27-year-old Bronx resident and native Midwesterner as a world-class talent”- Jazziz Magazine

“Larson’s saxophone skills are beyond the norm; he’s also a prolific composer.”- Downbeat Magazine

“He possesses a rhythmic sophistication and compositional cleverness that should help him distinguish himself from the pack of young tenorists on the current scene….With undeniable command over his instrument, Larson can do just about anything. His upper-register playing is superb.”- All About Jazz

“Saxophonist Adam Larson is one serious talent.”- All About Jazz

“Larson’s fourth disc—yes fourth!—is the thrilling disc to be hearing right now.”- All About Jazz 

“Second City…[is] a triumphant outing for Adam Larson which is well worth your attention.”- Something Else

“Adam Larson is quickly becoming a name to be reckoned with in contemporary jazz circles as Second City is a fine example of quartet jazz. Highly recommended.”- Jon Neudorf

“It’s [Selective Amnesia] an impressive album that not only expresses his sense of a newfound personal freedom but also showcases his compositional prowess for lyricism”- Downbeat Magazine

"Selective Amnesia continues the starbright trajectory of a once-wunderkind now maturing into the role of  21st century composer, bandleader and exceptional performer."- Andrea Canter, Jazz Police

"There are no bad tracks here making Selective Amnesia one of the strongest contemporary jazz album I have heard this year. Larson shows his considerable skill and innovation on every track and should be a resounding force in the world of jazz for years to come."- Jon Neudorf